About the original[edit | edit source]

The "Gravity Falls Main Title Theme," composed by Brad Breeck, is the opening theme song played over the title sequence to Gravity Falls. The official theme song is available on iTunes for $0.99. Beginning with "Northwest Mansion Mystery," a shortened version of the theme is used in episodes that are longer than usual. The "Weirdmageddon" episodes use a corrupted version of the song. The main theme is often mistaken for the song "You Made Me Realize," due to its strong similarities to the real "You Made Me Realize" song Breeck wrote for MTV's Awkward. "Made Me Realize" is commonly mistaken for the extended version of the Gravity Falls theme song. It is also stated on Breeck's website that the two songs are indeed different, and not related to each other.

About Walt's Cover[edit | edit source]

Walt started with the original 30 seconds of the song and extended it into a 4 minute song.

Walt's most viewed youtube video is the release of this song.

Walt's cover of Gravity Falls was used in KreatureKid's "The Making of Grunkle Stan" video.

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